Saturday, 10 May 2014

Audrey Hepburn

Hello Friends,

The painting that I am going to share with you today is one of Audrey Hepburn, she was not just an amazing actress but also a Fashion Icon, and an inspiration to so many women all around the world. Even today, when I pull up an old classical like My Fair Lady, I am captivated by her beauty and grace. She was not just an inspiration to the women in her time but even now, she continues to be a role model for many women around the world. She was the definition of Fashion itself.

When I saw this picture, I din't even know who she was, but I knew I had seen her somewhere... I was so struck by this picture that I knew I just had to make it. It was later after I completed the painting I realized I had actually painted Audrey Hepburn. Earlier, I was very happy with this painting but when I realized who she actually was, I must say, I was really disappointed by my work. It feels like I did not do justice to her beauty. I wish I had known that I was painting her, maybe, I might have made it a little better, but you know what, no matter how many times I paint her, I don't think I will ever be able to grasp it all.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Why So SAD :( ???

Hello Friends,

What I am going to share with you today is not a painting but a sketch. I saw the image of this girl on the internet and I was so moved by her eyes, I just wanted to the capture the emotion they depicted. I remember looking at her eyes and my heart sank with sadness. I wondered what could have happened to this girl that made her so sad and so afraid.

I might have read a little too much into this but it gave me an inspiration and this was the result...

I hope you like it :)

The Dolphins

Hello Friends,

Sorry I couldn't post anything yesterday, I was a little caught up with work. But what I want to share with you today is also one of my first paintings, this is my first tile painting.

My friend came over to my place for a sleepover and we had just watched a movie about dolphins, we were so fascinated by them at that time, I wanted to go to the ocean, meet a dolphin, make friends with it and then swim with it :P
Stupid.... I Know, but we had many silly ideas back then, well obviously we couldn't swim with the actual dolphins as their were none in the Himalayas. So after the movie we were thinking what else to do now. Their was construction work going on in my house than so their were a lot of empty tiles available. My friend had recently learned tile painting, so we decided to do one. And so I made my first Tile Painting.
We were so happy about how pretty it seemed to us then that we even spilled one of the color bottles on the rug in my room, I still remember how mad my mother was when she walked into my room, but hey, it was fun....
Of course I was scolded and prohibited for a while but hey, it was still a pretty great memory :)

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My First Canvas

Hello Friends,

How are you all doing Today ? I hope you are good. So I guess what I was trying to tell you all yesterday was that I have created this blog to share my work and my experience with all of you. So here it is, let me know what you think about it...

This is the First Canvas painting I ever made, and I can never forget it. It is one of my pride moments of work. I did this one after my High School Exams were over. I had 2 months of vacation so I joined this art class and my Guruji asked me what I'd like to make first. Whenever I saw any movie with some artist in it, they were always painting these huge canvases, and  I always wanted to be like one, so I told him I'd like to paint a canvas. He said fine, I was very happy :) So next day he gave me a list with a bunch of stuff on it to get, you know, oil and colors and paints,.. and all that. So I got everything, then he gave me a canvas and this picture and asked me to draw it first, I was so happy I couldn't wait, but little did I know then, once you make an error on a canvas, it does't erase with a eraser, the gets light but it doesn't go away. And I made so many mistakes, in fact at one point he had to coat it with a layer of pop and ask me to start over. I spent the entire 2 months trying to make this painting, I got scolded so many times, and finally this is what I achieved, I know it is not as good as the original painting must have been, but I am still very proud of this painting, and out of all the canvases I have made ever since this one still remains my favorite.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Why I created this Blog

Hello Friends,

My name is Kanika and I am a B.Tech graduate in Computer Sciences with a passion for Art and Design. I created this blog today as a way of exploring myself, finding out what I really want from life, from my career, I have always been a little bit partial towards the artist in me. From the very first day I held up a pencil and drew my first sketch.
I sill remember that day, I was in 3rd standard I think, I was home sick and really bored, so I kept calling my mom again and again at her office. I feel really bad for disturbing her like that now but I din't realize it then, and it was a good thing that I din't, because after a few calls my mother gave me an idea to surprise her by making something special for her. She just said that because she wanted to get me busy at that time so I wouldn't call her over and over again but it turned out to be an amazing discovery for me.
I din't know what to make or how to surprise her, first I thought of cooking something for her, but I couldn't get the sag to light, so after a while I gave up on it, then I thought of giving her flowers, so I ran outside and gathered the prettiest flowers I could find, but flowers alone did not seem enough. So I thought a little more and decided to make a card for her as well. But the question was, what should I make on that card, their were not very many things I knew how to draw, so picked up my art book and started going through its pages and their was a sketch of a teddy bear, it looked really pretty so I decided I will make that, I sat their for hours trying to perfect my little masterpiece, and it turned out pretty good too. It must have, for I don't remember that drawing as much as I remember the look on my mother's face. She was absolutely amazed, and not just by the fact that I did this for her but more by the fact that I made that sketch.
She kept asking me over and over again if I made it myself, did I take someone's help, who helped me, someone must have helped me, how could I make such a good drawing all by myself and no matter what I said, I don't thin she believed me.

I wish I had that sketch so I could have posted it here, but that was the first time my mother was so amazed by me, and I loved that feeling, after that I really liked drawing and painting and I have been doing it ever since.
Though every now and then I have to keep my hobby aside to focus on my studies or career but it has always been a silent part of me that has always been their.

So why can't I make a career out of something I love doing ???